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Last week, we reported that American model, Bernice Burgos is in Nigeria the D’banj’s album club tour.

The beautiful model made this known when she posted her pictures in Nigeria. Of course just like many American celebs before her, she took an obligatory photo with a Nigerian policeman.


A lot of Nigerian men are going to see the sexy Bernice during D’banj’s album tour. This is not the first time D’banj has invited a famous urban model to Nigeria. In 2014, he brought Amber Rose to the country for his ten year anniversary event.

In April 2017, Bernice Burgos was spotted in the Bahamas D’banj. A few months ago it was rumoured that Bernice Burgos was having affair with the married rapper T.I.

The club tour event of Kokomaster D’banj held over the weekend which brought into the country one of America’s biggest escort girl, Bernice Burgos attracted a huge crowd of wild girls.

One of them is this lady who came in an indescribable attire to the event and left everyone jaw-dropped.

There are videos from the event all over instagram with more and more Nigerian ladies displaying madness in the name of fashion.

See video below…

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