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#LazyNigerianYouths: Tobi’s IG handler react, reveal his 5 Professions

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Tobi’s Instagram handler has taken to the platform to talk about President Buhari’s controversial commonwealth speech.

He shared the different professions of Tobi and captioned it with the post below:

Nigerians are one of the most resourceful and hardworking people in the world. From generation to generation, this has remained true. Now more than ever, we have begun to see a new crop of Nigerians…”YOUNG NIGERIANS” who are achieving incredible feats and reshaping our story.
Whether home or abroad, we are pushing the boundaries and giving the world a reason to take us seriously. I am proud to be one of these “Young Nigerians” who wake up every morning and push to be better versions of themselves.
Like many of these “Young Nigerians”, I have pursued a number of things at the same time because I believe that within me lies the power to achieve great things and be unbound. I do these regardless of the lack of adequate empowerment and infrastructure.
My various endeavours haven’t come from a place of confusion or failure but from discovering my truest potential. I am a “Young Nigerian” … I am a Dreamer … I am a Doer ….I am not Lazy.
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