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In a series of rants on his Twitter page, Nina’s boyfriend, Collins apparently wasn’t cool with her comments.

see his tweets below;

All Nigerian women are the same! scummmmm

The few that decided to stop cheating are the ones who got retired due to old age (wrinkles) or added weight from child birth.

All Nigerian women are cheats esp. Igbo girls, those ones are green snakes 🐍

— Collins (@9ja_Collins) April 27, 2018

I gave you everything. I sacrificed everything. Treated you like a Queen. Supported your dreams financially, emotionally & in prayers.

You cheated before, I forgave you. You then went on National TV to repeat the same thing you cried you wouldn’t do again. #BBNaijaUpdates

— Collins (@9ja_Collins) April 27, 2018

We don’t need to talk!

You are a cheat! Period

Tell your people to stop calling me!

If your fans support your cheating ways, my prayer is they experience what I did in their relationships, marriages, IJN!

Bloody double standards

— Collins (@9ja_Collins) April 27, 2018

Most Nigerian women are Scummmmmm! See their role model

Nina come & take your shit away from my place, I have packed it already or better still how do I send it to you!

Cheap cheating Olosho! Where are those your stupid fans!

Miracle will soon dump your ass too. #BBNaija

— Collins (@9ja_Collins) April 27, 2018

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