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You all know, the dance of the moment is Shaku Shaku and the south Africa dance, Gwara Gwara. You see even kids celebrities making moves in the street across the world today.
Think you’ve got the step? Then join this challenge.
With the recent song entitled Gwara Gwara by Allen Jackxon, Stage Icons launched a challenge to reward talented Nigerians for making any of the moves(Shaku Shaku/gwara gwara).
1. Google and download gwara Gwara by Allen Jackxon. (You can download it here).
2. Record a video of yourself dancing Shaku Shaku and Gwara Gwara to the song.
3. Published your video on Facebook or Instagram and tag @allenjackxon and @stageicons
3. Share/tag your friends and followers. THATS ALL.
You stand a chance of winning N10,000

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