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[Story] The Devil Who Loved Me (Episode 3,4 & 5)

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Episode 3

My mind kept capturing Timi’s face though I tried shutting it down, I had to focus on the meeting. Abayomi ordered for more drinks but I wasn’t interested. He even teased me with asun, it didn’t work.
It was Uche’s time to talk; I wondered what someone like him would want from us. I also didn’t like the fact that Abayomi wanted to make a deal with people like him.
Uche: We will support the campaign, make it hitch free, protect you the candidates..wetin we want dey small compared to what we are giving in return.
I liked the way he switched from pidgin to English without breaking a sweat..nice..
Me: and what do you want oga bros..
He didn’t laugh, mumu boy..
Uche: not me, I am here with respect to a client..
Me: like you are working for someone, a student or who?
Uche: he rather not disclose his identity now.
Me: we can’t work with shadowy individuals.
Abayomi kicked me with his legs beneath the table
Abayomi: what does you client want?
Uche: he wants all the video gaming rights in mini-campus, he wants all the compact-disc selling rights in mini-campus, he also wants to open a restaurant.
Me: he doesn’t want lecture halls too?
Nobody laughed, nobody got the joke…
Abayomi: your client doesn’t want any of his businesses in the main-campus? That place is more lucrative. Instead of the monopoly, it will be easier for us to allow him have some in the mini and main-campus. What if we have a difficult senate that doesn’t approve?
Uche: he is also ready to offer you 1.4million naira
I saw the greed in Abayomi’s eyes…
Abayomi: who is he?
Uche: I can’t say for now, dat one no necessary
Me: we can’t assure an unknown person that we will give him all the rights, million or no million. What if we are dealing with a devil?
Uche: why don’t you think about it, Abayomi, you get my number abi?, call me na.
Without further ado, the meeting finished.
Uche stood up and was about living when kofo stood up.
Kofo: Uche, are you passing by olopomerin?
Uche: yes
Kofo: you have a car right?
Uche: yes..
Kofo: can you drop me off at home?
Uche: sure
I had to give it to kofo, she played it well. She got back at Abayomi for leaving her hanging out to dry. That car thingy too was deep, Abayomi was carless.
Abayomi tried focusing on his Star lager, but I could see he wasn’t enjoying it.
Me: Abayomi, oya come and stop taxi for me lemme go home.
He hissed at me and kept looking at Uche and kofo’s direction. Uche turned back almost immediately and looked at us with a wicked smile on his face. Just as they got to his car, he gave Kofo’s bums a soft pat she didn’t seem to mind.
Abayomi: I don’t think we should accept this Uche’s client’s offer
Me: looooool..because he is taking kofo home?
Abayomi: you dey mad
Me: Ab, free kofo..lets talk about Timi, you know I can’t work with him
Abayomi: its too late sis, I already texted him and he replied, he said he is interested.
Me: you couldn’t wait for both of us to discuss
Abayomi: 600,000 naira baby, I know your father can give us
Me: ode..i hope Uche fucks kofo’s lungs out tonigt
Abayomi: wetin concern me.
Me: no be your chic?
Abayomi: your friend Toun is my chic, for your information I am sleeping in her house tonight.
Me: nope you will sleep alone..
Abayomi: you trust dis your witch-craft o, na you go sleep alone, better go beg Acho… go see na..
I picked my phone and dialed a number
Me: Toun…are you home, I broke up with Acho…I need your support. I am heartbroken.

After receiving sympathy from her, she hung up..
Abayomi’s phone rang..
Abayomi: baby what’s up…..
… are you serious?
……baby she is not heartbroken, she is drinking Gordon spark here, flexing…
… na…I need you tonight…
……Toun don’t do…
Toun hung up.
He looked at me and swore plenty in Yoruba.
Me: I guess you are sleeping alone?
Abayomi: demonic girl
Me: heheheheheheehehehe

Toun: I am so sorry about Acho, so that guy cheated on you?
Those were the first words she said I as entered her room. In as much as I wasn’t heartbroken, I wanted to talk to somebody about Timi. Toun like Abayomi had been friends with me since I was at 100L, they knew how it started, they also knew how it stopped happening.

I was sitting in class when noticed a boy was staring at me. I tried ignoring him but he didn’t stop, it seemed he was looking for my attention. I decided to steal bolder glances at the stranger. Whenever he caught my eyes, he blew kisses. After a while I started laughing, he was laughing too. Though I must admit that he looked easy in the eyes and Timi was fine mehnnnn. He had baby-like features. His afro was black and his shirt, chinos pants and loafers looked smooth. Suddenly students started moving to their sits, signaling the arrival of a lecturer.
Lecturer: Timi! What are you doing here, aint you an economics student?
Timi: mummy oh! I was missing you, that your sweet smile…I had to follow you from main campus to mini-campus.
He screamed back at her, she laughed so also most of the students in the auditorium. She evicted him from the class, I noticed a couple of girls winking at him as he walked out. He blew me one last kiss when he noticed I was still looking at him. Toun was sitting beside me and was very excited
Toun: that boy is fine o, babe don’t dull o..
Me: I don’t like fine boys, they have too much wahala.
Toun: commot dere, you dey fear heartbreak.
I am not sure I heard anything the lecturer said, the boy with the blowing kisses kept clouding my mind. After lectures as I strolled out with Toun, I saw him standing at the corridor. Fine as a button! The boy had been waiting for me. I felt good.
Timi: Fine girl, how was lectures?
Toun left me without as much as excuse me.
Me: fine
Timi: I am Timi by the way..
Me: hello Timi by the way
He laughed so loud, his voice, his dimples… were beautiful

Timi: what’s your name?
Me: Tana
By this time he was beside me, looking at me like he was searching for something. I liked the perfume he wore, and the way he licked his red lips when he spoke.
Timi: Oluwatana can I buy you lunch?
Me: I am Igbo
Timi: Tanachukwu can I buy you lunch?
I laughed, I was defenseless…my brain said “play hard to get”….
Me: No problem…
He took my hand and led me to the cafeteria like we didn’t just meet me some moments ago. After a while, I couldn’t stop myself from holding him too, first gently….then firmly….we fit effortlessly. I enjoyed the glances people threw at us. he didn’t need to ask me out, I believe we started dating during that walk to the cafeteria.

To be continued

Episode 4

Toun: gist me now, what happened?
Me: forget that guy dear
Toun: but you said you are heartbroken, or were yoy lying as Abayomi said?
Me: nope, though I am not heartbroken..i am scared
Toun: Talk to me jare, is Acho threatening you?
Me: this is not about Iheanacho, it’s about Timi.
Toun: what about Timi?
Me: Those computer science guys that want to sponsor our election insisted that kofo shouldn’t be our campaign manager, they insisted on Timi as one of the conditions for sponsorship.
Toun: eeeeeyahhhh poor kofo, and she liked the position o…she is a hard worker.
Sometimes I wish I could tell angels to help me slap stupidity out of some people, this poor girl didn’t know kofo was working harder on her boyfriend.
Me: true, very hardworking girl..such a pity.
Toun: what will you do now, have you guys been keeping in touch?
Me: no, I try to avoid all contacts. There was a time I could have done juju for that guy to die
Toun: is it that serious?
There were a couple of things I didn’t tell anybody, including Toun and her boyfriend Abayomi. The only thing they knew was that Timi and I were no more in a relationship; they even believed I called it off though I told them it wasn’t so. Everything was okay, I was having the time of my life, all my prior relationships were s–t compared to Timi. He was wonderful and always seemed to get me, we were the envy of a lot of people, including my igbo colleagues that felt I was blind. Then he just called me one evening and told me we couldn’t see each other anymore. I though he was joking, one of his expensive jokes that everybody knew him for, so I ignored him. Only for me to go to his house and he insisted that it was so. I kept asking him what I had done wrong. Did he hear anything…did I disrespect him, I even called his siblings…all to no avail. After somedays of no word from him I got angry and decided to forget about him, but it was impossible. I saw Timi in everything, I deleted his number but I had it stuck in my brain. I threw away the PS2 he had gotten me for my birthday. A month later I went to him and was on my knees…I begged him to forgive me for what I knew not, I cried on his floor…it was unbearable. He just stared at me, he didn’t utter a word, until I stood up, dusted my skirt and left.
I reminded myself I was the daughter of Chief Dike.
That was 2006 April, this is 2007 and I still remember some of the moments, like when he bought me an arsenal jersey with number 1 crested on it, it was nice. I have never stopped supporting arsenal even after he left me.
Toun: you guys won’t be seeing every time na, after the elections you go your separate ways, moreover I leant he is dating that Annie, the one in micro-biology. I hate that girl ehn…too proud.
I had also heard that he was dating her, It wasn’t my business though, I thought Annie was a girl that carried herself well, I am not sure that was being too proud
Me: you are right sha, after 6weeks, it will be over.

Toun: so tell me about Acho, what happened?
Me: he started sleeping with Yewande, mass-comm department, but its not his fault sha, I caused it.
Toun: how, you are the victim here, not him!
Looool…you go fear woman rights leader na….
Me: its me really, I starved him of affection..and later sex..
Toun: its not like I f–k Abayomi everytime he is h—y, sometimes they need the chill pill..
Me: you won’t understand…anyways he is gone.
Toun: so what are you going to do now?
Me: I am going to focus on the elections and my studies, lord knows I have a lot on my plate.
Toun: what of Timi?
Me: I will figure that out…come and put prison break for me, Abayomi says you have season 2..
Toun: yes…yes…Michael Scoffield is so handsome…lets watch!
Yes he is handsome I said to myself…. but Timi is beautiful.

Toun doesn’t know how to make noodles.
The watery mess in front of me irritated me, even the egg was not boiled well. I knew if I complained she would say she doesn’t wanna kill the protein. All her attention was on the series, I watched prison break mainly because of Tee-bag. I liked his diction and the way he flicked his eyes when he wanted to do something evil.
My phone rang…
Abayomi: evil pikin
Me: presido
Abayomi: ermmm, how are you, hope you have not killed my angel?
Me: your angel is fine o..why are you calling me sef, call her now
Abayomi: ode, I called because Timi wants your number, he said he doesn’t have this line
Me: Does he really need my number. Isn’t yours enough?
Abayomi: you know you are in charge of the campaign guys will walk directly together
Me: oh well, give him. At least it means we wont need to see except very necessary
Abayomi: exactly, like the rally tomorrow at Shokas, Ijebu-igbo…that’s very necessary
Me: give him my number…
Abayomi: give your phone to the lady in the room
Me: what am i?
Abayomi: witch
I passed on the phone to Toun, and laughed at the thought that the both of them would probably be having sex now if not for me…then I thought of sex…then I thought of Timi…I remembered the first time..

We had just been dating for 3 weeks then and things were going at its own pace. We had gone to Sagamu for a friend’s wedding, one our way back, it rained bitterly. With his rickety Mazda 626 refusing to start at the right occasion, we had hitched a ride to Ago-iwoye via Ikenne-Remo. After dropping me in my house, he started to leave, I knew I ought to have allowed him to leave but It was so cold. I begged him to stay the night. Lying beside him that night felt so good, the only warmth I felt was when I held him. He started telling me jokes; later we were making fun of the people at the wedding. Then he brought out a bottle of wine we had smuggled from the wedding and toasted to me saying “ to the most beautiful girl”. He drank some and offered me some but I declined. The only alcohol I took was Gordon spark and palm-wine. But he insisted and I have never been able to tell him no.. But I took too much a gulp and couldn’t swallow it, so he attempted to assist me reduce the quantity in my mouth by using his mouth to drain mine. Lawd! His lips tasted so good…then we started kissing. We kissed till there was no alcohol in my mouth, then he licked my lips, he licked my neck…all I could do was moan. I could feel the bristles of his day old beard on my neck as he kissed my shoulder blade. I pulled up the short gown that stood as my nightie, so he could continue, I didn’t want him to stop…I had never felt like that before. My n—–s were so hard they were almost painful, till the warmth of his mouth enveloped them. I pulled his shirt and started fumbling with his belt, why should a guy’s belt be this difficult?. He asked if I was sure I wanted to go there…I said yes.. When his buckle came off and I pulled down his boxers, I could see his d–k in the dark. I didn’t know what to do at that point, I was dripping wet and I wasn’t thinking straight. He pulled off my panties and ran his fingers on my wetness…his fingers separated the lips and rubbed against my clits, I screamed… then gently he started kissing my navel and rib-cages. I rested my back on the bed and stretched my hand until I got hold of his d–k; I spread my legs and guided it to my V… He stopped me again and asked if I was sure…I told him to shut up and stop talking… he verified I was sufficiently wet by running his hands on me again before entering me…

Before deflowering me….

Toun: why are you not eating?
Me: this your rubbish indomie
Toun: you cannot appreciate anything in your life
Me: lol
Toun: Ab was telling me about Uche..
Me: yes o..he said he is representing a client, that is ready to pay a s–t-load of money
Toun: I don’t like that Uche boy, he taxes freshers anyhow…very notorious
Me: what his clients want sef is too much ahn ahn…game centre and Cd selling monopolies.
Toun: I am not comfortable about it and I told Abayomi..
Me: yeah, I don’t like it also, but I think your boyfriend might want to accept it.
Toun: he sounded so over the phone…how is National doing?
Me: only God knows were that boy is getting his money from, everywhere it is National!
Toun: you guys have to step up o..
I sighed..
I attempted to sleep but all I could think about was tomorrow at Shokas…I will have to be with Timi. I was going to blank him, everything would be official, I hope he doesn’t bring Annie along though.
Me: Toun, I want to sleep..oya off your television
Toun: oh…that Michael is so smart..he will break-out…I tell you!
My phone rang…
Me: hello,
Caller: hey
Me: who is this please?
Caller: it me..
His reply coincided with my brain recognizing his voice…
Me: oh..
Caller: its Timi
Me: hey
Timi: just got your digits from Abayomi
Me: ok
Timi: I want to intimate you about the rally tomorrow at Shokas…please come with your friends…branded tee-shirts and jean shorts..
Me: you don’t waste time at all o..
Timi: the tide isnt in our favor now, we have a lot of work to do, I don’t want us to lose.
How dare him use the word “us”…this boy dey crase?
Me: you don’t wanna lose your good reputation
Timi: yes.
Me: don’t forget I am the one calling the shots
Timi: I wont ,ma
Me: good, how much are you being paid for this?
Timi: 200786 if we win
Me: and if we lose?
Timi: nothing..
Me: what is the 786naira for?
Timi: nothing
Me: anyways na you and Abayomi problem..
Timi: see you tomorrow, goodnight dear..
Me: night.
After hanging up, I realized I had been clenching my fists
Toun: who was that?
Me: Timi
Toun: awww… what does he want
Me: about the rally tomorrow…branded tops and jean shorts…
Toun: he is fast o, rally now now?
Me: he said Abayomi is paying him 200786naira
Toun: why that weird amount?
Me: I don’t know for him o…
Toun: oh my God…I know …
Me: why?
Toun: he is passing a message to you
Me: how?
Toun: 20/07/86…..your birthday..

Episode 5

]By noon most of the girls we were expecting where at mini-campus, we had rented gigantic speakers and the trucks that we would use for the rally, 90% of the girls were dressed as instructed while the guys wore whatever they chose. Abayomi called to inform me that he,Timi and Kofo had gone to bring the Dj. Toun was sitted all pretty beside me, I couldn’t help but wonder why Abayomi would be straffing kofo.
Me: how are you and Abayomi?
Toun: how do you mean?
Me: I mean your relationship…you guys seem to understand eachother
Toun: as a matter of fact we do…
Toun’s dad was a judge, I think it kinda took its toll on her. She wasn’t someone who pretended. She tells you as it is. That was probably why we remained close friends, though Abayomi was f—–g Kofo, I knew he was crazy about her.
Toun: is this a backlash from you and Acho?
Me: no dear…and how is the sex?
Toun: normal na….when I am h—y, he is always ready..
Me: and when he is h—y?
Toun: he better be lucky I am lucky at the same time or all he gets is a Bj.
Me: looool…Acho always complained I never gave him Bj
Toun: why didn’t you?
Me: babe, even to kiss him after a while was hard, I wonder if the boy give me something chop
Toun: naaa, you just fell out of love
Me: hmmmmm, takea of Abayomi o… he is cool
Toun: I remember those days I suspected both of you having something together…I was so stupid
Me: yeah you were, Abayomi na my blood
Toun: you like him more than you like me abi?
Me:I am sorry….yes..
Toun: don’t be sorry…I am glad I am not the only one that has his back.
That was when I saw him, Abayomi was describing something to him with some seriousness but all he did was smile. How many times did he undress me with that smile…….. he was holding a whistle, his afro was well groomed, he stole my breathe away…
Abayomi shouted from a distance.
Abayomi: see my lovely ladies!
Most of the girls walked up to them, some chanting “presido” others saying a word or too.. I noticed most of the girls that went to Timi, hugged him before talking to him…stupid girls
Toun: Tana, just control yourself, you are very strong
Me: thanks dear, I don’t have a problem
I haven’t spoken face to face with him since the last time I embarrassed myself on his floor. But I was ready for this
Toun: baby whats up?
Abayomi: my sunshine, I missed you so much mehnnnn….see your hot legs…omo
Me: Abayomi, my own legs nko?
Abayomi: flee from me devil..
Me: loool
We hugged, then I stepped back..Timi was already beside me
Timi: howfar?
Me: good
Timi: you ready?
Me: you can see we are..
Timi: we would be going to iyalaje first, then itamerin, ajebo, oru, ijebu-igbo before we come back to olopomerin then we assemble at mini-campus again.
Me: ok
Timi: we would share fliers while we dance on the truck and surrounding it…it will move 30mph..
Me: any refreshments for the girls?
Timi: pure water, soft drinks and gala..
Me: good..
Timi: you and Abayomi will ride in the truck behind ours
Me: oh..we won’t ride in the same truck?
Timi: nope…..are you disappointed?
Me: … wish…
Thankfully Abayomi encroached in our space…
Abayomi: my people…lets go…it’s time to dance..
Timi: nkem, are you ready?
Me: I am not nkem…I am Tana…and as I told you earlier…we are ready
Timi: am sorry, old habits die hard
Me: whateva…if you can’t call me Tana, call me Tee like everybody else..
Timi: aii ma.
Me: good

As soon as our trucks started moving, the music began, loud and ear piercing, it took me a while to get used to it. Indigenes of the town lined the streets, first in amazement, later they danced along with us. Abayomi stood and acknowledged cheers from students living nearby, some even hopped into the truck to join us..when I heard my name from some quarters, I waved too. The turn out from people was more than I had expected, I could see Abayomi was happy, Toun came beside me to whisper in my ears
Toun: your boy is doing a good job o…
Me: he is not my boy…anybody can pull off a rally
Toun: why didn’t kofo do this earlier?
Lord knows I wanted to say “she was busy f—–g your boyfriend”, but I kept quiet until something caught my attention. The cheers had grown louder. Timi, had gotten down from his truck, he was now in front of the motorcade, dancing to “konga”. I remembered he was a good dancer, I also remembered that girls always brought their bum-bum to his crotch whenever they had the opportunity. This was no different, we were at Itamerin, and Timi’s outrageous moves had turned the rally into a carnival, the street was filled with people dancing away.
Toun: me I am going to dance o…lets go down!
Me: stay with your boyfriend jor…
She pointed at figure in the distance..i had initially thought her boyfriend was was on the truck, waving like I though a president should, I saw the madman, dancing “komole” just by where a bus-stop was erected. Even cars passing by were “honking” in using to the music. When I turned back to my dear friend Toun, she was off the truck…dancing “yahooze” like her father wasn’t a f—–g Judge! How can she leave me on the truck?..judas Iscariot Toun.
Timi: come down and join the dance, we are here because of you
I turned back to face the boy that had haunted my night all those months
Me: I am good here
Timi: come on, don’t be a snob..
I just ignored him like he wasn’t there anymore; luckily a girl came and yanked him away. It wasn’t long before we started moving again, it ws like Ajebo people had been waiting for us, cause they joined immediately. The dressing of the girls was such an appetizer, guys left everything they were suppose to do and joined us like zombies…when we got to Shokas, the crowd had gotten slightly out of control, the music had taken a life of its own…Abayomi’s name was everywhere…the dancing on the streets was more than what we experienced when Michael Adenuga came to bury his mum in the town. I was moving slowly to the beats when Abayomi came and scooped me off my feet, in no time I was dancing with him, a couple of girls came around us and started hailing, Abayomi was happy…I was happy.. Within the blink of an eye, the person dancing with me was Timi..i wanted to step back but people were staring and he knew it. He had that cute boyish smile on his face, his hands were on my waist…I didn’t want to dance anymore but the d–n waist was moving to the rhythm of his hand…I wasn’t thinking. I was just dancing…he smiled…he was winning…I stopped and joined Toun with some girls that were sharing drinks. That was when the first shot deafened us all..
I was rooted to the spot, I was scared, people started running everywhere. Another shot was fired, some guys all dressed in the same color in a Bmw came down, their faces mean as hell. I couldn’t find anybody…no Toun…no Abayomi..even Kofo was not seen…then someone came and pulled my hands. He was running, I had no option than to run along. He didn’t let go, we were running back into the streets of Shokas..i couldn’t run fast enough, so Timi carried me…my head rested on his chest. His heartbeat was loud. He entered a hall that had “june 12” written on it and screamed for one “Bode” to open his door. The residents of shokas were scared, I doubted if Bode would open his door, until an opened door signified that he actually did. Timi dropped me gently on the bed and started to go out the door
Me: Timi! Where are you going?
Timi: I have to go look for Abayomi..he is my responsibility now, Bode will take care of you
He was out of the door when I shouted again
Me: Timi!
Timi: yes!
Me: please be careful.

I must have slept because I woke up to Abayomi’s tap.
Abayomi: time to go home sleeping beauty.
Me: oh thank God you are safe, what of Toun?
Abayomi: she is fine, let’s go dear.
I wanted to ask about Timi, but it would have sounded weird. It was about 6pm when Abayomi for me. I recognized the rickety Mazda immediately we stepped outside. Toun was seated at the back, Abayomi joined her. Timi opened the door of the front seat for me…why didn’t Abayomi just sit in front with him…stupid boy
Timi: how are you?
I saw genuine care in his eyes when he asked that question. I had been scared, I didn’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t come for me.
Me: I am fine
Toun: we were looking all over for you until Timi told us you were safe.
Abayomi: yeah, we were..
I know a reasonable person would have told Timi thank you , but I wasn’t ready to be reasonable with this boy that scarred my heart.
Abayomi: Timi, you get any idea wetin cause those people to throw way like that
Timi: baba, I no know o…you will need protection though, atleast till the election is over.
Toun: baby, I think you should consider those people o…them uche
Abayomi: yes babe, I thought about it..what do you think Timi?
Me: no way… we cannot be coerced to dine with the devil
Timi was smiling..
Me: why are you smilling?
Timi: I always liked your strength..
Yeah right, after rescuing me from fright some hours ago….mumu boy
Abayomi: what do you think jare Timi?
Timi: I will go with Tana on this one..
Abayomi: I don’t know what else I expected from you sef,,,mchwww..Toun baby…kiss me jor..
Toun: how does kiss enter this matter now?
Abayomi: baby I thought I would lose you…I realized I havnt even kissed you today..
Timi: you both should get a room o…
Toun: babe no kisses jor..
Before we knew it, both of them were kissing at the back
Toun: I love you boo
Abayomi: me too dear…
I caught Timi stealing a glance at me…..



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