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Favour Iwueze of ‘Destined Kids’ turns 27 today, shows off her engagement ring

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Favour Iwueze of ‘Destined Kids’ is 27 year old today!

The details are sketchy for now.. But stick with us, and we’d bring you more info about her fiance..

Below is a recent photo of Favour rocking her engagement ring.. 


If you are a Nigerian, whether young or old, you must have at one point or another experienced the influence of the Destined kids. If you are in your 20s right now, that means there was probably a time in your life when you cried or disturbed your parent to buy you the “Joy Joy Joy” CD or if you are an adult with kids, your kids might have cried to you in the past to buy them one of those.

One might be wondering what really happened to them, why didn’t we hear from them for so long? Well, your guess is as good as mine. I’m guessing they felt they were not Destined “KIDS” anymore, that they are now Destined “ADULTS”

The destined kids consisted of siblings, about six of them which are Favour (The first child), Rejoice, Joshua (The Radical boy), Best, Caleb, and finally Wonderful Iwueze. But this isn’t about the DESTINED KIDS, rather it is all about favour, she is the Lady of the hour.


First we have to know the basics about her, then we can proceed to know more about her and finally down to her wonderful pre-wedding photos (I know you can’t wait to see them).

ACTUAL NAME: FAVOUR IWUEZE (really? Were you expecting something different? you should know by now that most gospel artistes use their real name as music name).

AGE: She is currently 27 Years Old born on the 25th of August, 1991 (Right timing guys, today is her birthday).

STATE OF ORIGIN: She is an indigene of Imo State, Owerri, Nigeria, although she stays in Lagos currently.

EDUCATION: Both her primary and secondary school education were in Imo state, before her parents relocated to Lagos, then she gained admission into the prestigious Nnamdi Azikwe University where she studied Computer Science and finished with a second class upper (2:1). Pretty smart huh.

MARITAL STATUS: I told you from the beginning that she was about to get married, though we have not really gotten information about her fiancé, but just stick around, it would soon be out.


For one to be able to make it big time in the music industry, one has to develop a strong passion for it, Favour always had a strong passion for music since she was a little girl. According to her, her dad usually sings to her and also to all her younger siblings.

When they were still kids, they formed a musical group for their family which was called destined kids, which became a hit due to the very popular song JOY JOY JOY.

Right now, she is currently signed into a gospel music label called the “God mercy connection”. Under the record label, she has released some songs, some of which are; Muna Chin, Glory to my Jesus, Amazing Love.

Although the date for her wedding has not been announced publicly, but we can be sure of one thing, that is coming real soon.

Source of Biography: Musictori.

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