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Woman mocked and called a witch for being barren finally gives birth

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A Nigerian woman who was mocked and called a witch for being barren, reportedly gave birth to her own baby few days ago.

The Nigerian woman, Ugo Treasure was labeled a witch for being barren, by another woman identified as Onweremadu Jane.

According to a social media user who shared the report, the face-off occurred when the Ugo was newly married with no child. One Ijeoma wrote on Facebook;

Congratulations to Ugo Treasure Mathson Onyemaobi, on your safe delivery to a bouncing baby girl. I am extremely happy for her .

Now let me tell you the story of Ugo Treasure (Evidence are those screenshot attached to this post)
Ugo treasure was insulted by her fellow woman on this Facebook by name #Onweremadu_Jane who now changed her name to #Okoroafor_jane, onweremadu called her a woman man , barren, witch, a cursed wife etc , even told her that soon , her husband will marry another wife, she insulted her all because she havnt given birth yet.

Onweremadu Jane is a CEO in a women’s group on Facebook, she prays for TTC mother’s ( women looking for a child), she pretend to be praying for this women yet use their childlesness to insult them at any given opportunity. How can a woman who pray for others use their childlessness to insult them?

(Seriously my people, keep your secret to yourself, people are not always the way they appear here) Ugo treasure left heart broken, she never expected such from a fellow who claims to be praying for them. Today God visited her with her own child .

Here are the chats below;

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