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A Nigerian Lady on Instagram, simply identified as @symply_tacha, publicly turned down her boyfriend’s proposal at a mall.. and it was her birthday.

She has taken to social media to defend her action… Here’s what she wrote;

“I’m sorry i dissapointed my friends and family present there, its my fucking birthday, why ruin it with an engagement, did you talk to me about it??!! NO! now i have people insulting and calling me names on blogs!

I blame you Enzo… you f–ked my bestfriend (Kandy) and also slept with her kid sister, how did you ever expect me to forgive you!! I feel very embarrased i have been crying i regret saying yes to you in the bus on our way to Oyo. You played me

What will people say about me, you embarrased me at the mall!!! I will never forgive myself lord knows”

Watch the video Below;

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