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A Nigerian man has come under serious fire for pulling off a suicide prank on Facebook – the said man, identified as ItzElderzne announced he was taking his life yesterday in several posts.

Moments later, one of his friends shared a photo of what looks to be like his dead body.

As people mourned him, he then updated his Facebook page, revealing that it was just a prank to give a message to those contemplating suicide and tell them it is a selfish thing to do.

His Elder brother who says he was scared to the extent he quickly had to call home to confirm the viral news wrote;

I must confess that this is the wildest and most bizarred prank I have ever come across in life. I am writing in leu to the post I storm across on so many social network today about my kid brother who prank to have committed suicide…. I felt so bad when I called home and was told by my siblings that it was all a prank on social media…. Meanwhile countless blogs such as Yabaleftonlineward, Naira land , Opera News, Google, new Facebook cutes, Rant HQ, Bassa-Nge singles, and lots more that I can’t recall have picked it and it’s going so viral like the speed of light… Please kindly disregard the news that he is dead. It is not true. You can confirm for your selves through his personal account @ Itz Eldersne , Itz Eldersne

Here’s a video of him apologizing, saying he’s very much alive,

Below is the ‘prank post’:

A post from one of his friends claiming he is “dead”:

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