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Stella Damasus and her husband, Daniel Ademinokan have in a new YouTube video, disclosed the challenges they face in living with their kids from their previous marriages, which includes the stare at airports and people on social media.

The actress turned vlogger, who admitted that having a blended family took a toll on her, shared that she was careful at first not to scold Daniel’s son so as not to come off as a wicked step-mother.

According to her, things took a different twist after her husband’s mum told her to stop treating him with kid gloves if she indeed loves him as much as she loves her daughters.

Daniel who on the other hand admitted to having quite a messy divorce, revealed that they don’t use the ‘step’ word in their family. According to him, people find it quite hard to believe he is not the biological father of Stella Damasus’ daughters.

The filmmaker who talked about the first one-on-one encounter his ex-wife, Doris had with Stella Damasus, further revealed that having a blended family is way much bigger than those inside as it goes all the way out.

Watch their vlog below,

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