Tue. Jan 28th, 2020


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Man shares his experience with a female Keke driver being bullied by her male colleagues

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A Nigerian Man has taken to his twitter account to narrate an encounter he had with a female Keke driver who was

being bullied by her male colleagues in Ikeja, Lagos.

The man, with the handle – @lemerstachu tweeted:

“I entered a keke today to ikeja. It was driven by a woman. Men bullied her wen it was her turn to load

passengers. I entered hers when they forced me to enter theirs. I assisted her in calling passenger ls to

enter. Wen we loaded she told me that’s how they terrorize her everyday.”

“When next someone asks you why women don’t engage in meagre jobs where the law or literacy can’t

protect them to an extent, show them this. Men make working with them so difficult. If they don’t harass

you, they bully you.”

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