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Innoson Chairman wants to meet with boy who re-designed IVM logo.

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The Chairman and CEO of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM), Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma is impressed with the design a young

boy identified as, Osuolale Farouq did.

Farouq had take to Twitter to canvass for retweets after he completely re-made the logo of the Vehicle Manufacturing Company.



Farouq took to the platform on Tuesday, October 15th, to give full details as to what the new redesign and logo represents.


The company after thousands of retweets noticed the design and reposted it to their followers to judge and perhaps, validate the

new design.

Though the new design on Farouq’s page already gathered a lot of retweets and likes, followers on the company’s official twitter

adjudged the new logo to be a very good one.

The Company then later tweeted that the Chairman is impressed with the new design, and as such will like to schedule a meeting

with Farouq.

“Dear @osuolale_farouq the attention of the Chairman/CEO of @Innosonvehicles has been called upon on your creative re-

design of IVM logo. The Chairman is highly impressed and has requested for a meeting with you. Please DM to us your

contact details for possible reach. Regards”

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