List of top scorer in copa america 2021

Here is a complete list of top scorer in copa america 2021. We also include their countries and the number of goals they had.

  1. Lionel Messi, from Argentina, 4 goals
  2. Luis Díaz, from Colombia, 4 goals
  3. Gianluca Lapadula, from Peru, 3 goals
  4. Lautaro Martínez, from Argentina, 3 goals
  5. Neymar, from Brazil, 2 goals
  6. Eduardo Vargas, from Chile, 2 goals
  7. André Carrillo, from Peru, 2 goals
  8. Yoshimar Yotún, from Peru, 2 goals
  9. Papu Gómez, from Argentina scores 2 goals
  10. Ayrton Preciado, from Ecuador, 2 goals
  11. Erwin Saavedra, from Bolivia, 2 goals
  12. Lucas Paquetá Tolentino Coelho de Lima, From Brazil, 2 goals
  13. Ángel Romero, from Paraguay, 2 goals
  14. Edinson Cavani, from Uruguay, 2 goals

The following scorers has 1 goal each in copa America

  1. Edson Castillo, from Venezuela
  2. Gabriel Ávalos, from Paraguay
  3. Ángel Di MaríaDi Màríà, from Argentina
  4. Miguel BorjaBorja, from Colombia
  5. Miguel Almirón from Paraguay
  6. Ben Brereton, from Chile
  7. Edwin CardonaCardona, from Colombia
  8. Richarlison, from Brazil
  9. Rodrigo de Paulde Paul, from Argentina
  10. Juan CuadradoJu Cuadrado, from Colombia
  11. Ronald Hernández, From Venezuela

Those are the top scorer in copa america 2021. Thanks for reading.

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