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“Miracle has sold his soul to the devil and Illuminati for fame” – Nigerian guy alleges in chat with friend (Screenshots)

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Following the recent win for Big Brother Naija housemate, Miracle, a Nigerian guy has alleged that the pilot just might have sold his soul indirectly to the devil for fame.

As has always been the case for ‘Illuminati’ fanatics, this Nigerian guy took to the internet to investigate about the infamous occult group.

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According to him, the Big Brother Naija body is actually a member of the occult group, thanks to the ‘eye’ on their logo… which could symbolically be linked to that of the Illuminati’s.

This Nigerian guy claims that even Nigerian superstars, Davido and Tekno are also members and that’s why they were invited to perform at the grand finale of the show.

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He says because of this, BBNaija winner, Miracle and other housemates too, have indirectly become affiliated with the infamous clan.

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Read the chats below and tell us what you think:

7 thoughts on ““Miracle has sold his soul to the devil and Illuminati for fame” – Nigerian guy alleges in chat with friend (Screenshots)

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